Seeking Intelligent Atheist who wants Kids

You might be for me if...

1) You are extremely intelligent - preferably in the math/science/logic/computers/problem-solving smart way. You love learning and pondering new ideas and concepts.
2) You definitely want to have a family with a child or two - not necessarily tomorrow, but for sure within the next five years. You are interested in (or at least open to) attachment parenting and homeschooling.
3) You have an artistic passion (or several), aka you play an instrument or sing or act or dance or draw or paint or sculpt or write or ...
4) You eat fairly healthy and exercise, and/or you want to become more diligent about it. You're interested in longevity and how what we eat and do affects our brains and our lives. You don't smoke or do drugs, and you drink only in moderation.
5) You're not into organized religion, whether you are atheist or agnostic or pantheist or ... Yet you are moral, generous, and tolerant.
6) You're not materialistic, but you do have and spend money. In other words, you would be just as happy vacationing by living in a van on Maui for a week as you would be going to Vegas and seeing shows.
7) You're ambitious and want to make a difference in the world. You have a job/business (or several) that you love, or you're working towards that.
8) You would rather read a book or discuss ideas or surf the internet than watch TV. But you do enjoy movies (and a few TV shows, like Firefly!)

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