Perfect Boyfriend Quiz - Are You Intelligent, Fun, & Ambitious?

The Basics:
+2pts if you're 29 to 42 yrs old
    +1pt if you're 25-29 yrs old, but are very, very mature for your age
    -5pts if you're over 48
+2pts if you're taller than 5'7" and height & weight proportionate
    +5pts if you can touch your toes
    -15pts if you look down and can't see your toes
+25pts if you have had female friends call you "hot"
    +5pts if you have had female friends call you "cute"
    -15pts if you don't have female friends

Work & Ambitions:
+5pts if you love what you do!
    +10pts if it also pays the bills
    +15pts if you're self-employed
+5pts if you have goals for yourself
    +10pts if you have actually achieved some goals you set for yourself
    -10pts if your goals include things like "seeing how many beers you can down before puking"

Intelligence & Curiosity:
+2pts if you've graduated from college
    +10pts if you went to a top school:Ivy League, MIT, Caltech, etc. (or if you could have gone to one of those schools, but instead went to your state university to save money)
    +15pts if you dropped out of school to start your own business or do something else more productive
+5pts if you've taken calculus or other higher math
    +10pts if you actually enjoyed those classes
    +25pts if you have bought textbooks for classes that you weren't in

What You Do For Fun:
+5pts if you have an interest that you are passionate about
    +2pts if it's related to computers, music, theatre, art, or dance
    -5pts if it's related to cars or bars
+2pts if you like action, adventure, and sci-fi movies
    +5pts if you'll sit through sappy romantic comedies with me
     +15pts if you actually kinda enjoy sappy romantic comedies (I promise I won't tell!)
Give yourself 2pts for each of the following things that you like and -1pt if you've never heard of it.
    Perfect Circle
    Les Miz
    User Interface Design

+5pts if you engage in some sort of physical activity or sport more than once a week
    +15pts if you have six-pack abs
-100pts if you do any of the following:
    -Get drunk on a regular basis
    -Do illegal drugs on a regular basis

If you think you've scored well on this quiz, email me with your score, a little bit about yourself, and what you're looking for in a girlfriend!

Oh and +1billion points if you like puzzles/codes & can figure this out - G'cw tiye wn'uk ayvhwxr kubw a't :Rgw ajt ua fewwb~:

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