Uniquely Multi-faceted seeks Same!

Am I searching for the impossible? Perhaps, but then I tend to do the impossible. :-)

You are my soulmate, my confidante, my cheerleader, my guy!  You have great ideas, and you make them happen.

You are considerate of other people and patient with them.  But you also like to do your own thing! You're just as comfortable staying home making dinner and watching a movie, as you are dressing up for a night out dancing.

You like me for who I am, listen to what I have to say, and comfort me when I'm stressed. 

You love all sorts of music, and think that a day without music is a very sad day.  You appreciate theater, dance, and the arts.

You've taken (and even enjoyed) calculus.  You're always interested in expanding your mind and learning new things.  Every now and then, you find yourself so caught up in something that you forget to eat or sleep.  You agree that there's no such thing in life as too many books.

You make time to keep yourself healthy and fit.
You take the lemons of life, and make lemonade, and lemon cake, and lemon popsicles, and...

If this sounds like it might be you, and you're interested in a 29 year old, 5'3", fit, attractive, artistic, intelligent entrepreneur, then send me an email and tell me more about yourself! :-)

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